ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support (CDS)

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ITIL® 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support (CDS)
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Course overview


It is important that learning is engaging, fun and accessible and this course from Good e-Learning really brings the ITIL 4 CDS content to life by using a variety of methods. I really enjoyed taking part in this to review new ways of presenting and sharing information!

Earn your ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support (CDS) certification with the award-winning team at Good e-Learning!The key to successfully managing IT is to treat it as an interconnected system. Designing, building, testing, launching, running, and supporting IT-enabled products and services must be done as part of a combined operation in order to create real and sustainable value. This is the purpose of ITIL 4 CDS: helping users establish an ongoing and seamlessly integrated process for creating, delivering, and supporting IT services while continuously delivering value to customers. Kickstart your training today!

Who is this course aimed at?

  • Organizations hoping to adopt ITIL 4 CDS best practices
  • ITIL 4 students looking to become qualified ITIL 4 Masters
  • managers seeking to expand their ITIL qualifications for the sake of taking on more responsibilities and
    higher-paying roles
  • ITIL students hoping to complete the ITIL 4 Specialist branch of modules

What will you learn by taking this course?

  • How different value streams are built, tested, and delivered as part of an end-to-end process of continual iterations and feedback loops
  • How to integrate various value streams
  • How to assess service performance and utilize methods designed to improve service quality
  • How to use CDS in practice to plan and build value streams and chains, creating, delivering and supporting services that deliver essential value
  • Everything needed to pass the official ITIL 4 CDS exam

Why should you take this course?

  • Good e-Learning was independently certified as a ‘Market Leader’ for ITIL training by Course Conductor
  • The course features regular knowledge checks as well as a practice exam simulator to help students prepare for the ITIL CDS certification exam
  • We offer each student a FREE exam voucher (T&Cs apply)
  • The course features interactive videos, instructor-led audio, and other online training assets designed alongside highly experienced ITIL experts
  • This course is fully accredited by PeopleCert on behalf of AXELOS
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An Introduction to ITIL 4 Specialist: CDS

Learning Objectives

This introductory module gets students up to speed with the main features, aims, objectives, and structure of the course, along with the overall learning plan.

Students receive a syllabus, diagram pack, glossary, further reading and links document, and a collection of refresher materials. The module also covers some of the most frequently asked questions for the ITIL 4 Managing Professional stream.

Module 1: Professionalism in IT Service Management

Learning Objectives

This module examines the role of different business skills in IT service management, including:

  • How organizations are typically structured, with people, teams, and cultures all creating potential challenges to service value systems (SVS)
  • The importance of good communication
  • How to plan and manage resources and utilize results-based reporting
  • The importance of creating and sustaining cultures that support continual improvement
  • The inherent value of information and technology and how they can be used to create, deliver and support services. This can include collaboration, robotic process automation, integration and data sharing, machine learning, and artificial intelligence
  • How to choose and implement effective information models

Module 2: Using ITIL Practices & Value Streams to Create, Deliver & Support Services

Learning Objectives

This module examines ITIL value chains and value streams, as well as several key practices. It addresses:

  • Key terminology, definitions, and analogies
  • The structure of typical service value chains and value streams and how they are utilized within businesses and organizations
  • How to design value streams and describe steps within a value stream
  • Value stream mapping and processes, along with their considerations
  • How to create value streams for new services and apply core practices to ensure their success
  • How to restore live services by creating value streams and applying core practices to ensure their success
  • What a user support journey map looks like

Module 3: Prioritization and Managing Work

Learning Objectives

This module looks at how to coordinate and manage work activities, including:

  • How to prioritize and structure work in order to create, deliver and support IT-enabled services
  • Various techniques can be used to support work prioritization, such as ‘swarming’
  • Important commercial considerations, including sourcing and building components for individual services
  • Defining requirements, sourcing models, and commodification
  • How to integrate and manage services

Module 4: 2x Practice Exam Simulators

Learning Objectives

These practice exams are designed to simulate the conditions that students will face when taking the official ITIL 4 Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support examination. It will be well worth testing your knowledge before booking your exam, as this will give you the chance to highlight and revise any modules which you have been struggling with.

When you feel you are ready to sit the ITIL CDS exam, simply contact Good e-Learning to request your FREE exam voucher.

Module 5: Course Wrap-Up

Learning Objectives

This is a short module that sign-posts the end of the course.


This course is designed to prepare students to sit and pass the ITIL Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support examination. In order to sit the exam, students must satisfy one of the following criteria:

This course comes with a FREE exam voucher – That’s how confident we are that you’ll pass first time!

Before booking your exam, it will be a good idea to make sure that your device meets the technical requirements. You can do so via this online test. This test will examine the suitability of your webcam, microphone and internet connection. Please visit the PeopleCert website for more information and guidance.

When you are ready to use your free exam voucher, simply contact Exam voucher requests are typically processed within two working days, but please allow up to five. Students must request their exam
voucher within the course access period which starts from the date of purchase. For more information, please visit our Support & FAQs page.

ITIL 4 Specialist: CDS exam:

  • This is a multiple choice ‘Objective Test Question’ (OTQ) exam consisting of 40 questions
  • There is a time limit of 90 minutes to complete the exam
  • The exam is closed book, with only the provided materials being permitted for use
  • The pass mark for the exam is 70%: you must get 28 out of 40 questions correct
  • In countries where English is a second language, the time allocated for the exam is extended to 113

You will be tested on:

  • How to integrate value streams and activities
  • How to create and deliver IT-enabled products, services, practices, methods and tools
  • How to support IT-enabled products, services, practices, methods and tools
  • Your understanding of service performance
  • Your understanding of quality and improvement
  • How to use the framework in practice to plan and build value streams and chains


What is ITSM?

ITSM stands for ‘IT Service Management’. It involves using policies, procedures, and best practices to optimize IT services for clients and employees.

What is ITIL® 4?

‘ITIL ®4’ is the latest iteration of ITIL®, the world’s leading framework for ITSM. It offers a series of best practices to help IT-powered organisations design, develop, and continually improve their IT services.

What does ITIL® stand for?

Previously, ITIL® stood for the ‘Information Technology Infrastructure Library’. The framework has evolved to the point where it is updated so often that it cannot be considered a static ‘library’. Because of this, the name no longer stands for anything.

What does the ITIL® certification path look like?

Students start with ‘ITIL® Foundation’. Passing the Foundation exam then enables them to choose modules in the ‘Managing Professional’ or ‘Strategic Leader’ streams.

How much is ITIL® certification worth?

According to Payscale, certified ITIL® practitioners can earn between $51,000 and over $259,000 (or £18,000 and over £118,000), depending on their experience, role, and certification level. Even sitting a Foundation course can have significant benefits for ITSM professionals.

How does ITIL® work?

ITIL® provides users with a set of best practices for creating optimized IT services. It establishes cultures of continuous improvement, ensuring that users can enjoy long-term benefits with IT services continually aligned with business goals and strategies. It also offers proven practices for resource optimization and continuous improvement.

How can ITIL® benefit businesses?

ITIL® 4 is a modern framework that fully equips users to optimize their IT practices. It creates cultures of continuous improvement, enabling organisations to deliver top-quality IT products and services whilst also continually reviewing their own processes.

The framework is also highly adaptable and can work alongside other popular approaches, such as DevOps. Finally, the framework is set to continue evolving to accommodate developments in technology and best practices. This makes ITIL® future-proof for practitioner organisations.

What is ITIL® v4?

‘ITIL® v4’ is ITIL® 4. Previous iterations of the framework were treated as ‘versions’, resulting in names like ‘v3’. However, ITIL® 4 does not follow the same format, as it will be updated on a regular basis.

What’s new with ITIL® 4?

There were three major changes with the release of ITIL® 4. Firstly, it is more industry and community-driven, with practitioners helping to update the framework. Next, it can be easily integrated with other popular frameworks, such as DevOps, Agile, and Lean. The new framework also has an updated certification path.

What is AXELOS?

AXELOS is a joint venture company behind a variety of highly popular best practice frameworks, including ITIL® 4, PRINCE2, MSP, and AgileSHIFT.

What other frameworks can complement ITIL®?

ITIL® 4 can be integrated with several other frameworks, including Agile, DevOps, and Lean. Some practitioners even use it alongside PRINCE2.

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