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Winning The Talent War As An IT Employer In Ireland

As one of the most experienced recruitment agencies in Cork and across Ireland, the task of helping business owners win the talent war is not a simple feat. In today’s fast-paced world, employers must compete with other organizations — large and small — and win against them.

We’ve seen the difficulties in hiring the right talent increase within the last 2 years. According to the Office for National Statistics, the UK recently saw an all-time high of 1 million job vacancies.

Even though the labour market is overcrowded, why is the number of available jobs still so high? The number is high because companies are facing challenges in finding the right employees they need.

What is the way out? How can you find the right people for the job? And even beyond that, how do you increase your employees’ retention rate?

The purpose of this article is to shed light on the challenges facing IT employers and how to overcome them.

Recruitment Agencies Cork: Why hiring the best talent is a challenge for IT employers

Do you know that 69% of employers across the globe find it difficult to find talents who possess the right mix of technical expertise and soft skills?

An ideal candidate is someone who possesses the right skills, experience, and personal characteristics required for the job. It takes more than time and money to find this set of people.

Due to that, even though most employers understand the need to find and hire top talent, they often struggle to get the right candidates.

The world has become more competitive, and talent is becoming a more scarce resource. In the future, employers will have to pay even more for top talent if they want to keep pace with their competitors.

The cost of recruiting and hiring these employees is high, but it’s climbing up faster than inflation. It now takes a lot of work to find talented people, hire them, and then retain them.

So what can employers do about it?

Well, as a reputable recruitment agency in Cork with a professional HR team serving big-name brands across Ireland and the UK, the one-size-fits-all solution is to hire a top-rated recruiter.

What challenges are IT Businesses in Ireland facing?

The IT industry in Ireland is booming, but it’s not all plain sailing. Let’s take a look at some of the major challenges facing businesses in the sector.

1. Growing competition

Over the years, the IT industry has become highly competitive. This is likely to increase as it continues to grow at such a fast rate. The sector has become a victim of its own success. The market has been transformed by digitization. There are now new entrants and players that are at times offering better value and service.

3. Increase in wages

To remain competitive and attract top talent, many companies are raising wages. As a result of that, wage inflation across Ireland has increased. This also means that IT professionals need to factor in higher costs when they’re making salary decisions going forward.

3. Remote working Vs Office

As stated by Forbes, according to UK research, 92% of Millennials identify flexibility as a top priority when looking for jobs.

Well, it is now clear. The pandemic has changed how we work. Many IT businesses across the globe have been forced to change the way they run their business. They are no longer able to have an office with cubicles like before.

Now, it is about building a virtual team where every employee works remotely or collaborates without any supervision or monitoring.

4. Recruitment and retention

Recruiting and retaining valuable employees can be difficult when competing against other organizations that offer better salaries and benefits. According to a survey, 31% of 1,000 employees resign in their first six months. That’s a very short time.

It is a bad business for companies to invest a lot of resources into getting the right people for the job only to let them slip through after a short period of time.

The dilemma of skill gaps in the IT industry of Ireland

Since the pandemic, the skills gap across Ireland’s IT sector has greatly increased. As a result, IT companies will face big challenges in recruiting and retaining talent in 2023.

Following the Manpower Group “Talent Shortage Survey” 35% of 38,000 employers are finding it difficult to fill a position due to a skills gap. This new reality has raised questions about how companies can effectively manage their workforce during an economic downturn.

For example, should they focus on retaining employees or hiring more staff? Should they prioritize tasks that require high levels of skill or those that can be performed by new hires?

In this environment, a company’s ability to adapt and innovate will be key to its success. Hiring a competent recruitment agency in Cork for your company in Ireland on the other hand can help you navigate your way out of the gap skills dilemma.

Hiring a recruitment agency is a great way to find the right employees

Do you know that according to The U.S. Department of Labor stigmatisation,  the cost of hiring the wrong candidates can amount to 30% of the first-year potential earnings of individuals?

The good news? Recruitment agencies are playing an increasingly crucial role in finding the most suitable talent to fill organizations’ vacancies.

In fact, it can be argued that recruitment agencies are at the forefront of getting the right people into the right roles. Not only that. They also take away some of the pain of sourcing quality candidates.

Recruiting agencies are not just there to help you find the most qualified talent for your company. They also provide valuable support for all aspects of the employee onboarding process. This includes:

  • Vetting candidates
  • Creating their profiles
  • Employee training
  • Managing payroll and HR records
  • Handling health insurance and long-term care benefits

When using an agency, there is no need for detailed background checks or interviewing candidates personally. The agency does all of that work for you. This saves you time and money you can spend on other aspects of running your business.

Recruitment Agencies Cork: Costs and risks of making a bad choice

Choosing the wrong recruitment agency can be a costly mistake. When you work with an incompetent recruiter, your business will end up in the wrong hands. Of course, you know what that means.

Perhaps you don’t know. Here are some of the costs associated with choosing the wrong recruitment agency for your company:

1. Loss of time and resources 

If you end up with the wrong agency, it will cost you more time and money to clean up the mess they will create. It can even damage your reputation as an employer. You may have to spend more on PR to save your company’s image.

2. Poor performance 

The worst thing that can happen is having someone who doesn’t perform well in the role you hired them for. This can lead to poor performance and customer satisfaction issues down the road. And in most cases, it is very costly.

3. No return on investment 

Are you not getting any value from your hiring experience? Or it’s costing more than it should be? If that’s the case, then it’s not worth it for your company as a whole (and specifically for those involved).

5. Lower employee morale

The knock-on effect of a negative attitude towards work of a bad hire can have a significant impact on the morale of staff. Especially if they are unable to integrate smoothly into existing teams and get on with their colleagues. It can also quickly destroy any positive atmosphere in the office.

What to look for in a recruitment agency?

Choosing the wrong agency can lead to problems that are difficult to manage. To avoid making a bad choice, here are what you should look out for:

  • Industry expertise
  • Tailored service
  • Accreditations
  • Experience
  • Guarantees
  • Locations
  • Optimism
  • Persistency
  • Style of approach

Recruitment Agencies Cork: Retaining the best talent 

Do you know that 95% of hiring is done to fill existing positions?

The biggest workforce challenge businesses are facing right now is how to attract and retain the right talent. Although there are many factors that contribute to a successful recruitment strategy.

Finding the right candidates and keeping them after hiring is no easy feat. If done correctly, however, your company can benefit from a larger talent pool and better employee retention rates.

Are you looking to hire and retain the best talent?

Using the services of Global Technology Solutions may be what you need. As a top-tier recruitment agency in Cork, we offer a wide range of services to help you hire and retain the right talent. You will also get a great deal of other support that can help you manage your recruiting efforts.

How can Global Technology Solutions help your business?

GTS is an IT specialized recruitment agency in Cork serving companies across the Ireland and UK. We have all it takes to help you hire the right people for your business.

At Global Technology System, it’s all about hiring and managing people at every level. We’ll work with you to find the best candidate for each position, regardless of experience level or qualifications required.

Your company may grow quickly over time, but if you don’t have enough qualified people to fill openings, growth can stall. One of the most significant things we do is provide a consistent stream of highly qualified hires.

Global Technology Solutions will not only help you hire top-notch talent but also ensure your business growth never stall by keeping the talent pipeline full of qualified people.

Speak to us about your recruitment needs today!

Recruitment Agencies Cork: Conclusion

The reality for the world of work is that it has significantly changed. It is becoming too difficult to find the right candidates. However, the choice to go down the recruitment agency route is not one that you should make flippantly.

It is a serious decision and one that you should consider carefully. But if you’re now convinced that this is the way forward for you or your organization, then the next step is to get the right agency on board.

Looking for a top-rated recruitment agency in Cork, Limerick, Dublin or in the UK?

Whether your company is in Cork, Dublin, Limerick or anywhere in Ireland and UK, GTS is the right recruitment agency for you. We specialize in both permanent and temporary staffing solutions for businesses of all sizes.

With our team of experts in the HR field, we know how to find the perfect candidate for your company.  Learn more about GTS services today!


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