IT Recruitment London: Cost-Effective Ways To Hire The Right Candidates

Most tech and digital job openings are in London, where there were over 170,000 listings in Q1 2022, which creates a wide range of IT Recruitment London opportunities.

However, according to ManpowerGroup 2022 talent research, 3 of every 4 (75%) businesses have reported talent shortages and difficulty hiring. The job market is also increasingly competitive, which makes it difficult for companies to hire the right candidates.

One way to overcome this challenge is to use a recruitment agency. A good recruitment agency will have a database of candidates that meet your specific requirements. They will also be able to screen candidates and save you time and money.

Is your company’s IT recruitment failing? Are you tired of wasting your time as well as resources recruiting candidates that are not fit for the job? Or are you looking to recruit IT talents in London as well as considering using a recruitment agency?

It is important to discuss the benefits of using a recruitment agency. You will also learn about some of the myths about recruiters that are killing businesses.

IT Recruitment London: Why your IT recruitment strategy is failing?

According to a report recently published by Onrec, businesses are losing an average of £125K on failed recruitment every year with a lot of challenges facing teams.

Without using the help of a reputable agency, you’ll always likely end up with underqualified candidates who aren’t a good fit for your company. Recruitment agencies have a database of IT professionals, and can easily find the best candidates for your company.

It will be a wise decision to let not your recruitment failures keep you from hiring the best IT professionals. You can leverage the power of a specialized recruiter to find the best candidates as well as avoid the mistakes that have been keeping companies from success.

What are the benefits of using IT recruitment agencies?

It’s no secret that IT recruitment is one of the most difficult challenges for companies. But with the help of a specialized IT recruitment agency, you can source the best candidates for your open positions efficiently and quickly.

Here are the major benefits of using IT recruitment agencies:

1. Save time and money on recruitment consultants

Firstly, using an IT recruitment agency enables you to save time. By working with an IT recruitment agency, you’ll be able to avoid the hassles and disadvantages associated with recruiting directly.

2. Access a large pool of candidates

The choice is clear: using a recruitment agency means you’ll have access to a large pool of talented candidates. In addition, a specialized IT recruitment agency can find candidates with the skills and backgrounds that are needed for the open positions.

3. Quick turnaround times

With so many employers competing for talent, it is essential to work with a recruitment agency.  Recruitment agencies provide quick turnaround times. This is to help you get your recruitment processes off the ground quickly.

By working with an agency, you can spend less time waiting on candidates, and more time focusing on finding the best candidates for your job openings.

4. Specialist recruitment knowledge

When you work with an agency, you’re getting access to their knowledge and experience in the recruitment industry. They have all the resources and knowledge to help you find the perfect candidate for the position you’re looking to fill in your company.

5. Skilled IT professionals 

With so many companies trying to hire the best IT professionals, it can be difficult to stand out. That’s where recruitment agencies come in. They know how to present your company in a positive light, and they will find the best IT professionals for you.

They are experts at finding the right person for the job. So, they’ll ensure that you get the most skilled candidate. 

6. Custom recruitment services

Recruitment agencies offer custom recruitment services that can match you with the perfect candidate for your unique needs. With services tailored to your needs, you will get the expertise and flexibility to get the best candidates for your position.

A reputable agency like GTS understands how to find the right person for the job. GTS will also work with you to create a detailed and tailored recruitment strategy.

7. Agencies have knowledge of the job market

Furthermore, when you hire an agency to help you with your recruitment, you’re getting help from people who know the job market inside and out. They’re experts at finding the perfect employees for your company, no matter where the market may be. And they’ll do it quickly and efficiently – so you can keep your business running at its best.

8. Agencies take care of all the background checks and pre-screening

Finally, pre-screening and background checks can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s where recruitment agencies come in. They’ll take care of everything for you, from screening the candidates to ensuring they’re a good fit for your company.

Myths about IT Recruitment agencies you should avoid

1. You can use multiple job boards yourself and find the same people that a recruiter would send you

Recruiters are not just online. They know how to network, and they have access to many candidates that would be a perfect fit for your organization.

2. Internal H.R. Department is capable of finding the same right candidates as an external recruitment agency

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your Internal H.R. Department is capable of finding the same candidates as an external recruitment agency. Recruiters are the experts who know the ins and outs of your industry’s employment market.

A good reliable recruiter will stake its integrity and reputation on finding the right candidates better than your H.R. team client could have found.

3. Just a good job description will find you the right candidate.

Companies often struggle to fill their jobs with the right talent. That’s because most job descriptions are written to screen candidates OUT. They do not necessarily attract “A” grade candidates to apply for your job opening.

Recruiters have the expertise to create a job profile that showcases the unique features of your organisation. They can also show how that aligns with the skills and experience that you’re looking for.

4. Using recruiters is too expensive and the return on investment can be poor

No question that using a recruiter comes with a cost. But you must also know it’s expensive to keep the wrong employees on your payroll. And when you factor in the time spent interviewing candidates, you’ll see that the return on investment for hiring a recruiter is high.

It’s often less than the cost of doing your recruitment job alone–plus the benefits of working with a professional are worth the investment.

Advantages of Recruiting IT specialist from London

According to a survey carried out by BGC, 75% of IT professionals said they anticipated quitting their current employment in the next 2-3 years, with as many as 40% of them actively job-hunting at the time. So, the market is always growing – there are always skilled talents.

Here, you’ll find a talented and diverse pool of candidates that possess the right skills and level of experience ready to help you grow your business and technology further.

These are candidates used to working in a fast-paced environment, with frequent changes and new challenges. They’re the type of people who will adapt quickly to your company’s culture and values. Plus, they know their way around technology.

At Global Technology Solutions, we have a pool of skilled and experienced IT candidates in London readily available to fill the open roles in your company and seamlessly integrate into your culture.

Is using a recruitment agency to hire IT professionals in London worth it?

While about 40% of UK IT talent resides in London, using a recruitment agency is worth it if you’re really concerned about finding the best IT professionals. Not only will you be getting top talent, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of their extensive network of contacts and resources.

Also, when you use an agency to find employees, you’re taking a lot of the hassle and anxiety out of the recruitment process.

If you’re tired of going through the frustrating process of finding and hiring the right IT professionals or ready to spend less time on recruitment and more time focusing on your business, you need a reputable and experienced recruitment agency.

Ready to get the right candidates for your job roles in London with the help of a reliable IT recruitment agency?

Look no further than Global Technology Solutions. We have skilled IT candidates readily available. With our skills and resources, we can get you the candidates you need, fast. We will do everything we can to ensure that your recruitment process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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