The relationship between CDW UK and GTS started 15 years ago. This is when Global Technology Solutions was a known but not heavily utilised agency providing recruiting services. The foundation was the personal relationship and good rapport they built with Andrea Banks, the founder.

However, they became a recruiter of choice very quickly. An IT service management company like CDW UK is frequently in need of fresh talent. However, it was Andrea’s personal touch that was truly responsible for this. The company developed a close personal relationship with the team, and they’ve been thriving together ever since.

Now, 20 years after the founding and 15 years into this working relationship, we wanted to hear from our satisfied client and pass on their words.

Why did you choose to work with GTS?

Personalised approach is one phrase that can describe almost everything you need to know about GTS. There’s more to it, of course; they’re reliable and easy to work with; they’re direct and won’t bother you with endless sales pitches. However, it all starts with that personal touch. They’ll take the time to get to know you and understand both their clients and their candidates, and then they’ll deliver high-quality service to everyone involved. The client gets a good employee that fits into the company culture, and the candidate gets a workplace they can thrive in.

CDW UK started using them when they were still a small business, and they’ve been a dependable agency. Even when time is of the essence, Andrea and her team will find the right fit. Throughout the 20 years of its existence, the core team has changed significantly, but the principles have not.

The focus on trust

No matter the role, be it analysts, technical personnel, or leadership, they’ve delivered.  That level of earned trust is crucial for long-term cooperation between all parties – and GTS prides itself on being able to establish a trust-based, personal working relationship with its clients.

With decades of experience in the industry, the team can gauge the right level of soft skills and the cultural fit that the position requires. They can do so quickly while ensuring a high quality of service and remaining transparent and very easy to work with.

A human, realistic conversation with someone who understands you just once is simple and effective. Having a recruiter who genuinely cares about you and about the candidates they’re about to offer really pays off in the long run and has led to many great hires for the company.

How long does it usually take for GTS to find the right candidate?

The time it takes to find the right candidate varies significantly depending on a variety of factors. These include the current state of the job market, the overall demand for that specific employee profile, the role that’s being recruited for, the level of experience, and even the notice time. The location is also a factor because finding someone local can be more difficult than finding a remote worker, or vice versa.

IT Recruitment review - Global Technology Solutions

Analysts, for example, are fairly easy to find. However, experienced candidates for a specific technical role can take some time. Of course, a company with the breadth of experience like GTS knows the current market conditions and the amount of time needed to find the right candidate.

Do candidates coming from GTS stay for a long time in your company?

When it comes to candidate retention, there’s a strong tendency for GTS candidates to remain in the company. The team conducts thorough cultural due diligence, ensuring everyone is a good fit. That definitely helps in creating a good, long-term working relationship.

They take time to understand their clients, their operation, and their culture. Not many recruiters do that. Sometimes, we get candidates who don’t understand what the company does, the culture, or their expected role. This causes misalignment and wastes time. Not to mention it’s disheartening for the candidates themselves.

The GTS team gets that right every time.

They delivered some excellent candidates that provided great returns. Over the last four years, the team managed to fill a number of strategic development and leadership roles. This supported our modernisation efforts and increased the quality of our customer services. They’re a highly competitive agency, and there’s a reason they’re on the UK-approved supplier list.

IT Recruitment review - GTS

Parting words

There’s a lot to recommend for Global Technology Solutions. They have a lot of experience and a long list of satisfied clients. Their recruitment process is agile and effective. They’re a partner who doesn’t require hand holding; allowing you to focus on running your business.  They’ve been with CDW UK when it was just one small managed services business providing technology solutions, and now that we’re an international company, they’re still here, providing service that is second to none. 


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