Now 20 years after founding Global Technology Solutions, it’s time to look back and see what we did right and what we can improve upon. We bring you another interview with a client that’s satisfied with our recruiting services. Today we’re talking to Maria Marsh. Looking at our company from someone else’s perspective will help us reflect. Also, it will help prospective clients and candidates see what we’re all about.

The beginning

Maria Marsh first got in touch with GTS over ten years ago based on a recommendation from a colleague. The outsourcing company she worked for needed contractors primarily across Europe but also in the UK.  It didn’t take long for her and Andrea to hit it off and develop a great working relationship. She even contacted again when she switched jobs and started working for a London-based helpdesk company.

The ability to build personal relationships and excellence is why the team still working with her previous employer. They always come to mind as the first recommendation, no matter if it’s the company looking for resources or candidates looking for new positions.

Why did you choose to work with GTS?

There’s really no substitute for the personal touch that Andrea and her team provide. They made a good first impression and quickly developed an excellent business relationship. Andrea is knowledgeable, with long experience in the recruitment industry, and very personable. She knows how to develop and maintain good business relationships with both clients and candidates.

Since all businesses are based on interpersonal relationships, that makes them an excellent fit for recruitment. They’re down to earth and don’t try to oversell their service. They promise exactly what they can deliver, and then they proceed to do it!

Years of experience in the industry and understanding of the latest technology solutions have proven to be a winning combination. The GTS team is incredibly responsive, and their vetting process is impeccable. The candidates were always a good cultural fit and technology match. The IT sourcing company did their own technical interviews after vetting by GTS. Mismatches were practically non-existent.

They’re easily one of the best agencies on the market and a pleasure to work with.

How long does it take for GTS to find the right candidate?

That depends on the required skillset, geographical limitations, and market availability. After all, GTS can only recruit available candidates. However, they’re honest, don’t make false promises, and will give you a realistic outlook on the timeframe.

You can always have an open conversation with Andrea and her team. They understand the business and the required candidate profile. This saves a lot of time during the whole process. Thanks to their expertise, they have developed a recruitment management system. This allows them to find the right candidate for the right job and vice versa.

Maria Marsh reviews IT Recruitment agency

No matter if it’s service engineers for an IT management service or support analysts for helpdesk, GTS was able to provide exemplary service and rapid turnaround. At one point they were able to fill three analyst vacancies in just a couple of weeks. People were sitting and working at their desks in a very short timeframe. Due to rapid growth, the company needed people very quickly, and the team delivered with customary agility and quality.

Do candidates coming from GTS stay for a long time in your company?

Some definitely do. Because Andrea and the rest of the team do such good work when it comes to research and vetting, candidates are often a natural fit for long-term work if it’s available. Speaking specifically, one help desk analyst who joined on a six-week contract is still there.

Finding a recruitment services agency that could “walk the talk” isn’t easy. Too many are all show. They present a glitzy front, but when it comes to results, they just can’t deliver. Or they provide a complete mismatch with the company culture or required skillset they might as well not have bothered. You can’t expect such candidates to stay long unless you’re exceptionally lucky.

IT Recruitment agency

GTS is the polar opposite of that. They conduct thorough cultural diligence, understand the business well, and can effectively present the right candidate profile. Communication is easy and even a pleasure. It’s both to the point and very personable, which is a difficult balance to achieve. They transfer this to the candidate selection; Andrea’s team is friendly, they understand what you need, and they’ll get the job done. It’s no surprise that even the contractors they provide end up sticking around for a while.

Closing thoughts

It’s easy to recommend GTS, for all the above-mentioned reasons. Andrea and her team are easy to work with, personable, and knowledgeable. The company has been around for 20 years now, and they have enough experience in the industry to ensure top-notch recruiting services and the quick delivery of excellent candidates.

Most companies would be resting on their laurels or even start overpromising, but GTS gives you the truth. They know the business and know what can be done. 

In general, they make recruitment much easier and live up to their slogan of “taking the headache out of recruitment”.

We’d like to thank Maria Marsh for her kind words and input. We’re looking forward to working with her in the future.


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